Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebrating 3 Years of Community Service in downtown Denver

October 4th  and 5th!
Bags By CAB - Yarn Shoppe
Fafa's Vintage Handbags
Celebrate 3 years of service to the community in downtown Denver!
Stop by:  Friday between 11:00am - 4:00pm or
Saturday 11:00am - 6:00pm
Pick up a thank you Brown Bag from Mr. and Mrs. Brown, with your own special discount coupon!
Refreshments, Fun and Community!
We want to say thank you for supporting our business!
See you there.
Cassandra and DeForest :)

2nd Annual Yarn Crawl - Denver, CO

1635 Tremont Pl
Denver, CO 80202
The first two Yarn Crawl participants in my Yarn Shoppe to purchase my Crochet Hat Pattern for the Yarn Crawl!  So very exciting!
Here is the Hat
Pattern is available for $4 via email:
Crocheters and Knitters arrived from all over the Globe and were amazed by our $400 Prize Basket.  It brought Cheers and Tears of Joy!
Guests came to our new location on Tremont and 16th St:
Friends from Florida visit friend in Denver for the Crawl!
Alice brought her Mom with her on the Yarn Crawl.  She was elated with our Prize Basket.  "This is so much fun.  It is like Halloween for 30 year olds!" 
So many Crawlers chose my Yarn Shoppe to be their last location so they could turn in their Passports:
Andrea brought her son with her on the Crawl and they turned in her Passport. :)
Donna was cooking dinner for family and left in the middle of it to bring her Final Passport, I was her last yarn shop on her Passport.  She ran out saying she had to get back home to her dinner she left on the stove!  LOL!!!
A BIG thank you to each and every participant who came into my Yarn Shoppe for the Yarn Crawl.  I realize it took extra effort to drive downtown in traffic and parking is always challenging.  Thank you so very much.  You all Rock!
CAB :)