Saturday, November 12, 2011


Bags By CAB - Yarn Shoppe Loves Marly Bird!

Marly and Ms. Dorothy

Ms. Dorothy, Erika and Jolene

Erika in Perfect
Duct Tape Body Form!

Jolene looking elated with her first Duct Tape Body Form!

Marly tapes up Jolene.
A BIG thank you to Marly for teaching her Duct Tape Body Form class at the Yarn Shoppe on November 12, 2011. We enjoyed an intimate fun filled day in the life of Marly Bird, and her creativity, instruction, patience and winning attitude! We laughed so hard that the residents in the privately owned condo building where the YS is located, asked the Concierge "What are they drinking in there! And, can we get in on it?!"

The most impressive attributes I admire about Marly, is her ability to interact with each and every guest/attendee on a personal basis. Her genuine concern for others, and quick assessment in applying her educational background, skills and designer's eye on each project.

We love you Marly, and hope to see you back in the Spring at the Yarn Shoppe!

Cassie :)

Cassie and Marly