Sunday, September 29, 2013

Celebrating 3 Years of Community Service in downtown Denver

October 4th  and 5th!
Bags By CAB - Yarn Shoppe
Fafa's Vintage Handbags
Celebrate 3 years of service to the community in downtown Denver!
Stop by:  Friday between 11:00am - 4:00pm or
Saturday 11:00am - 6:00pm
Pick up a thank you Brown Bag from Mr. and Mrs. Brown, with your own special discount coupon!
Refreshments, Fun and Community!
We want to say thank you for supporting our business!
See you there.
Cassandra and DeForest :)

2nd Annual Yarn Crawl - Denver, CO

1635 Tremont Pl
Denver, CO 80202
The first two Yarn Crawl participants in my Yarn Shoppe to purchase my Crochet Hat Pattern for the Yarn Crawl!  So very exciting!
Here is the Hat
Pattern is available for $4 via email:
Crocheters and Knitters arrived from all over the Globe and were amazed by our $400 Prize Basket.  It brought Cheers and Tears of Joy!
Guests came to our new location on Tremont and 16th St:
Friends from Florida visit friend in Denver for the Crawl!
Alice brought her Mom with her on the Yarn Crawl.  She was elated with our Prize Basket.  "This is so much fun.  It is like Halloween for 30 year olds!" 
So many Crawlers chose my Yarn Shoppe to be their last location so they could turn in their Passports:
Andrea brought her son with her on the Crawl and they turned in her Passport. :)
Donna was cooking dinner for family and left in the middle of it to bring her Final Passport, I was her last yarn shop on her Passport.  She ran out saying she had to get back home to her dinner she left on the stove!  LOL!!!
A BIG thank you to each and every participant who came into my Yarn Shoppe for the Yarn Crawl.  I realize it took extra effort to drive downtown in traffic and parking is always challenging.  Thank you so very much.  You all Rock!
CAB :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Bags By CAB - Yarn Shoppe relocated 16th St and Tremont!

We've moved from here! 
No longer will you see us stitching it up on 17th and Larimer! 
Visit us at our new location:  1635 Tremont Pl., #150 (16th St Mall and Tremont), Denver, CO.
Call us or directions: 720.473.2598
We want to see your face at our NEW place!  CAB :)

Sunday, June 3, 2012

4Th Annual Spring Yarn Knit Out & Crochet Community Event!

I would like to extend a BIG Thank You to all fiber artisans, crocheters, knitters, weavers and spinners who attend my 4th Annual Spring Yarn Event on June 2, 2012.  

We had am AMAZING time until the wind literally blew us outta there!  LOL!  Looking forward to seeing you all in my Yarn Shoppe on a weekly stitching basis! 

Here is a recap of the Event!


Door prizes!
Lionbrand, Interweave, The Crochet Guild of America, The Knitting Guild Association, Needle Arts,
Bags By CAB - Yarn Shoppe

Knit and Crochet Groups

Shop all exhibit booths!  Everything handmade: clothing, jewelry, accessories, cupcakes and more!

Yarn exchange - Bring your Stash!
Used Craftbook exchange - Bring your used pattern/craft books!

Bring a new baby blanket to donate to our local non-profit charity

Come and meet and shop at Mayor Nancy McNally's Exhibit Booth
Knit, Crochet and Sewing expert!


Visit her site:

Professional Profile:


Come and visit and learn from the BEST crochet, knitwear designer!  Marly Bird!

Mayor of the City of Westminister, Nancy McNally -

Nettie's Knots - Sew - Knit - Crochet

Cathy and Susan's Knits

Harmony Holistik Healing

Erika Hunter's The Colorful Crafter

Scarves By Jan Littlefield

Christian Science Read Room

Crochet and Knit Wear Designer - Marly Bird

Please bring a new baby blanket, booties, or new born hat for donation to The Ronald McDonald House
our local non-profit charity of choice in Denver, CO.  Site:

Networking of your small business
Support our local community event!  Bring all of your girlfriends and the kids!

Shop all artisans' exhibit booths!

Fiber Arts Exhibitors

Sit and Knit, Stay and Crochet, Learn new stitches!

Park Hill Knitting Group enjoys downtown sidewalk fair at Yarn Shoppe!

Denver Crochet Guild Members; Dress Up Knits By Diane, Pam and Kim accept baby blanket donations for Charity!
Avid Knitter and Guest, Angela.

Marie; owner of Wild Woman Designs By Marie

Wanda; owner of Jireh Mobile Computer Training

Mayor Nancy McNally of the City of Westminster, CO and

Diane -

Marly Bird

Betsy - Exhibitor for Christian Science Reading Room

Park Hill Knitting Group

Connie - Crochet Etc...

Phyllis - Park Hill Knitting Group

Dorothy - Denver Crochet Guild Member

Leslie - Harmony Holistic

Monica - My 31 Things

Yvonne - Essential Events Planning
Cassandra, Owner of  Bags By CAB - Yarn Shoppe, President of Denver Crochet Guild, and Host and Producer of the Annual Spring Yarn Community Event!

A beautiful day to knit with the Park Hill Knitting Group!

Customers enjoyed shopping at Owner, DeForest Brown's - Fafa's!

Taylor - daughter of Cassandra and DeForest, helping out for the day!

Kim - Denver Crochet Guild member with a big smile greeting guests with their baby blankets for donation.

I'm Cassie (Cassandra Allen - Brown) owner of Bags By CAB - Yarn Shoppe in Denver, CO., and the Host and Producer of the Annual Spring Yarn Event in Denver, CO.  I hope you will stop by to sit and Knit, Stay and Crochet.
Hope to see you soon!  CAB :) 


Saturday, November 12, 2011


Bags By CAB - Yarn Shoppe Loves Marly Bird!

Marly and Ms. Dorothy

Ms. Dorothy, Erika and Jolene

Erika in Perfect
Duct Tape Body Form!

Jolene looking elated with her first Duct Tape Body Form!

Marly tapes up Jolene.
A BIG thank you to Marly for teaching her Duct Tape Body Form class at the Yarn Shoppe on November 12, 2011. We enjoyed an intimate fun filled day in the life of Marly Bird, and her creativity, instruction, patience and winning attitude! We laughed so hard that the residents in the privately owned condo building where the YS is located, asked the Concierge "What are they drinking in there! And, can we get in on it?!"

The most impressive attributes I admire about Marly, is her ability to interact with each and every guest/attendee on a personal basis. Her genuine concern for others, and quick assessment in applying her educational background, skills and designer's eye on each project.

We love you Marly, and hope to see you back in the Spring at the Yarn Shoppe!

Cassie :)

Cassie and Marly